Women’s health

Throughout their lives, women can have a number of gynaecological problems, including:

Abnormal menstrual bleeding
Menstrual and pelvic pain
Uterine prolapse
Abnormal pap smears
These conditions are often the result of other underlying problems. Problems such as :

Fibroids: A quite common problem where benign tumours develop in the uterus. Some women with fibroids have no actual symptoms while others can experience excessive menstrual bleeding, discomfort, pain or fertility problems. There are a number of treatments for fibroids.

Endometriosis: Another common problem. This is where tissue that should be inside the uterus, instead grows in other parts of the body cavity. Again, some women have no symptoms while others experience pain and fertility problems. Endometriosis can be treated medically or surgically as appropriate.

Whether your condition requires management with medication or surgery, Dr Anpalagan has the skills necessary to get you quickly back on the road to recovery. He will provide you with up to date information and also discuss the options with you so that you are entirely comfortable with the process.

Dr Anpalagan is available to perform surgery at Westmead Private Hospital, Norwest Private Hospital and Westmead Public Hospital.

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